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🔴อานิสงส์บุญกฐิน 24 ชั่วโมง 🌍 ประวัติกฐินและความเป็นมา ✨อานุภาพบุญ✨ พลิกชีวิตด้วยบุญกฐินในปัจจุบันฯ | ข่าวสารล่าสุดเกี่ยวกับ ภาพ ซึ้ง มาก

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🔴อานิสงส์บุญกฐิน 24 ชั่วโมง 🌍 ประวัติกฐินและความเป็นมา ✨อานุภาพบุญ✨ พลิกชีวิตด้วยบุญกฐินในปัจจุบันฯ | ภาพ ซึ้ง มาก.

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🔴อานิสงส์บุญกฐิน 24 ชั่วโมง 🌍 ประวัติกฐินและความเป็นมา ✨อานุภาพบุญ✨ พลิกชีวิตด้วยบุญกฐินในปัจจุบันฯ และรูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้องภาพ ซึ้ง มาก

🔴อานิสงส์บุญกฐิน 24 ชั่วโมง 🌍 ประวัติกฐินและความเป็นมา ✨อานุภาพบุญ✨ พลิกชีวิตด้วยบุญกฐินในปัจจุบันฯ

🔴อานิสงส์บุญกฐิน 24 ชั่วโมง 🌍 ประวัติกฐินและความเป็นมา ✨อานุภาพบุญ✨ พลิกชีวิตด้วยบุญกฐินในปัจจุบันฯ

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🌍 Power of merit ✨Change life with Kathin merit in the present✨ ✨ 1. Merit from the Kathin ceremony is the best. Big merit that has the greatest merit because it is a merit that is difficult to do. and has some limitations In addition, Kathina merit-making is only available in Buddhism. In some places, some beliefs that use this word It is considered a counterfeit imitation. harmonious chronicle so that those who are ignorant will be lost misunderstood, thought, respected so that there will be a fortune to pay homage to oneself and their followers, just like those in the time of the Lord Buddha It looks like a copy of a brand-name product. (products with famous brands), which later Those who imitated the original eventually failed. ✨ 2. because in reality To make merit in the Kathin ceremony There must be only the realization of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha. Even if I can make merit in the Kathin ceremony, which is very difficult because in some aeons there is no true Buddha image at all. And if we miss being born in that era, we will starve into Kathina. which before we know the virtue of Tod Kathin how amazing it is We should come to study the difficulty. and the limitations of the merit-making ceremony which the scholars and philosophers have gathered into 7 issues in order to see the value and be extremely grateful that we are the lucky ones who have come to make merit in this ✨ 3. Firstly, merit Kathin is Special merit that is classified as an alms occasion That is, it can only be done temporarily, or to put it simply, it is not emotionally alert (Alert). If you want to do it, you can do it whenever you want because this merit can only be done once a year. Have to wait until next year ✨ 4. Also, this Kathin merit making. must be done during the specified period only The specified period is a period within 1 month from the end of Buddhist Lent. (From the 1st day of the waning moon of the 11th month to the middle of the 12th month, a total of 29 days only) or if it’s easy to say, if it goes beyond that time even just one day, the merit that is done is not classified as Kathin merit of that year. It’s already broken ✨ 5. Secondly, Kathin merit making is a merit that is limited by the type of alms. That is, it must be offered as an offering only. offering a specific form to a specific monk Third thing, the merit from the Kathin ceremony is a merit that is limited by time, that is, in 1 year, each temple will be able to receive Kathin and Kathin only once. Not just traveling to any temple, it will be easy to do because the temple that can offer Kathina must have a monk. At least 5 monks who have completed the entire Buddhist Lent, if there are only 1-4 monks or have not completed the Buddhist Lent Or if there is no Buddhist monk at that temple, we will not be able to make merit, or if we make merit, it will not be considered as Kathin merit. that can complete the cutting, sewing and dyeing process) when the robe cloth has been obtained The Kathin ceremony must be completed within that day. It cannot be postponed to the next day or any other day after the Kathina recipient has completed the Kathina ceremony. Therefore, it will be considered that the Kathin Ceremony has been completed completely. Thirdly, the Kathina Ceremony is a merit that is limited by Thai Dharma. That is, the offering must only be one piece of cloth in the three robes. Other Thai dharmas are classified as all Kathin families. ✨ 8. Finally, Kathina offering And the offering of Kathina robes is considered the most merit because it is something that the Lord Buddha himself initiated. That is, His Highness has given permission to offer to monks who have completed 3 months of the Buddhist Lent, which is wrong with doing other things. That must have a fortune teller asking for permission from His Majesty first, such as offering a rain cloth arising from the Maha Upasika Visakha Asking for permission from the Lord Buddha Therefore, there was a merit making by offering cloth to bathe in the rain. From all of the above It can be seen that Kathin offering is extremely difficult to happen. So it’s not an ordinary thing, but something extraordinary. because Kathin merit is a super big merit that is hard to find ✨ 9. virtue number 1 with the result of merit that all kindergarten students can dream of dreaming. I intend to make merit in this Kathin ceremony. Will result in a state of mind Of those who have made merit in the Kathin ceremony, they are extremely clear and bright, like making merit right away. is like a heart covered with sticky rubber Until making that person feel gooey, uncomfortable, worried, and worried here and there, for example, fearing that his property will be reduced Afraid that their wealth will run out Fear of becoming less rich Afraid that the future itself will not have food and use. Afraid that that person will say? Would this person say that it is easy to say that he is afraid of everything? For this reason, the heart that used to be happy becomes a heart that is clouded. (compared to people who has a sticky body with sweat, will feel unrefreshed, uncomfortable and uncomfortable, therefore) ✨ 10. But when that person immediately makes merit, The stinginess that envelops the heart will be eliminated immediately. which results in the state of mind becoming extremely clear and when it is extremely bright, it will make the mind Of the meritorious people, there is an unspeakable lightness. I can’t say it right. not worried about anything at all, comfortable and comfortable in every matter, everything Will be happy for the rest of my life) 🌍 Teacher is not big. #Meaning of Kathin #Making merit #Powerful merit #Changing life #Platinum #Wat Phra Dhammakaya #Luang Por Dhammajayo #Law of karma #Grandchildren of Ta Suangyai Sunee #Victory Day #Kindergarten dreams in dreams #24 hours #Teachers are not big.

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🔴อานิสงส์บุญกฐิน 24 ชั่วโมง 🌍 ประวัติกฐินและความเป็นมา ✨อานุภาพบุญ✨ พลิกชีวิตด้วยบุญกฐินในปัจจุบันฯ

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